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CLA enthält die sogenannten konjungierten Linolsäuren, welche bei Sportlern als auch bei Nicht-Sportlern sehr beliebt ist. CLA gilt in Insiderkreisen neben L-Carnitin als beliebtes Produkt in Kombination mit einer kohlenhydratarmen Ernährungsweise.

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CLA contains the so-called conjugated linoleic acids, which are very popular by athletes as well as non-athletes. In insider circles, CLA is a popular product alongside L-carnitine in combination with a low-carbohydrate diet


• Burning fat:

As explained above, CLA helps break down stored fat and use it as energy, thereby contributing to the fat burning process.

• Muscle building:

CLA increases the basal metabolic rate and thus contributes to the daily energy consumption and to the reduction of fat mass. However, research has shown that overall body weight does not decrease despite fat loss. The reason for this is that CLA supports the growth of lean muscle mass and thus helps to improve the muscle-fat ratio. The increase in muscle mass also causes an increase in calorie requirements and calorie utilization. Sport also helps to improve the appearance and the development of aesthetic muscles.

•Immune system:

When the body is exhausted, there is increased tiredness and susceptibility to certain diseases such as the common cold. Studies have shown that the use of CLA helps the immune system work efficiently and reduce the catabolic, catabolic processes that start in the body during illness or fever.


CLA increases the levels of DHA and EPA in the body. DHA and EPA are omega-3 fatty acids that are extremely useful for the functioning of the human body. These fatty acids are effective in fighting inflammation, which can be effective in asthmatics.

Consumption recommendation:

4 tablets a day.

Take 2 per meal.

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Zusätzliche Information

Gewicht 0.103 kg
Größe 11 × 11 × 5.5 cm

4 Tabletten pro Tag. 2 bei jeder Mahlzeit.


Konjugierte Linolsäure (80% freie Fettsäureform), Kapsel (Gelatine), Feuchthaltemittel (Glycerin), gereinigtes Wasser.
Allergen Information: Hergestellt in einer Einrichtung, die Milch, Soja, Ei und Nüsse verwendet.

Gewicht und Maße

100 Kapseln 11 cm hoch, 5,5 cm breit

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